How do I know what the best place for my child to start?

Great question, where the experts in basketball so, your at right place. Incoming student athletes will be evaluated to determine where we can best serve him/her in our program. 

What happens if my child will be missing practice/clinic/tournament or are running late to practice?

All athletes must communicate with their team coach, NOT the parent as soon as possible. Any unexcused missed practice will affect your team and may impact your playing time.

Do I still have to pay monthly dues if my child is missing practices or tournaments?

Yes, club teams are a serious commitment of time and resources.


What happens if we have a planned vacation or a prior engagement?

Great, take us all with you! Athletes must speak directly with the team Coach(s) in advance and email to with the dates you will be on vacation or have a prior engagement.


How long is the club season commitment?

HIGH SCHOOL: Feb. - July


How many players will there be per team?

Team rosters range from 8­ - 12 players per team.


What is a typical tournament day?

Tournaments usually start at 8am. Typically, tournaments last around 5­-7 hours.


How and when do we get game schedule information for the weekend? 

Tournament information is released by the host on Friday night. Game schedule will be emailed out all at once. 


Are there parking and admission fees at tournaments?

Yes. Admission fee can range from $7.00­ $10.00 per adult, children $4.00­ $6.00, children under, 5 are typically free. Some locations have a parking fee if you choose to park in the designated lots.


What is the difference between a shootout and a tournament?

A shootout is considered a 1 day event. A typical tournament is 2 days.


Where and when will tournaments be held?

Tournament locations are typically within 1 hour drive. You will be notified in advance about travel trips out of state.