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How many times have you seen an athlete miss a shot, a lay up or a missed opportunity and pout in the middle of the game or respond negatively? If that's happen to you - don't worry, your not alone. 

MaxPreps posted an article by Dr. Doug Gardner, founder of think sports and Association of Applied Sports Psychology Consulting Firm. 


One of the most overused cliches in sport is that 10 percent of the game is physical and 90 percent of performance is mental. The problem is that 90 percent of coaches and athletes spend 100 percent of their time working on the physical and fundamental aspects related to their sport. They often neglect and ignore the one area that ultimately separates successful athletes from those who do not reach their full potential.


Our goal is to develop student athletes to create awareness between thoughts and actions, resulting in positive mistake response, building self confidence, infusing leadership qualities to gain confidence in your abilities. How often are YOU or Coaches investing time into your mental game? 


Don't leave your mental game up to chance! The biggest investment you could make is in the 6" between your ears. 

Open to dedicated Middle School, High School, College & beyond athletes of all sports. 

60 min sessions. Thursdays from 7-8pm through on the Virtual Classroom.

6 month Investment: $175.00 

Bryn Drescher

Mental Conditioning Coach

*Upon registration, you'll receive a welcome email with access code and instructions on what you'll need to bring to the Athlete Huddle - Mental Conditioning Virtual Classroom. 

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"Mental Conditioning has helped me in my game on the court to stay focused on the next play, next play and it doesn't matter what happened in the past."

         - Haylie, Sonora High School 

"I would recommend Mental Conditioning to anyone. No other program takes the time to work on our mental game. The tools I've learned helped me on court, I use off court and in real life. "

     - Gabi, Claremont High School 

"My self confidences and self talk has improved with mental conditioning and it has helped me a lot with my game on court and in school. I've learned, how you do anything is how you do everything."

     - Amy, Etiwanda High School 

"Mental Conditioning has improved my awareness of replacing negative thoughts with positive self talk when I make mistakes on the court."

     - Meagan, Yucca Valley High School 

"I look forward to attending mental condition and seeing the results in my game. It's made me stronger mentally."

     - Sara, Yucca Valley High School